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If you have recently moved to Australia, you might be wondering if your international license is valid for driving in the country. In most Australian states, you can drive with an international license for a restricted period of time, which usually lasts about 3 months. After this period, you must convert your international license into an Australian state license, depending on the state you are located in. The process of transferring an international driver’s license to an Australian driver’s license varies from state to state.

If you are looking to drive in Queensland with your international license, Naveen’s Driving School is here to help. As long as you have a valid overseas license, you can drive with your international license in QLD. However, there are some restrictions. You cannot drive in Queensland on an international license if an Australian court has disqualified you from holding or getting a driver’s license or if your authority to drive in Queensland has been suspended because of unpaid fines, conviction of driving at more than 40km/hr over the speed limit, medical unfitness to drive safely, residency status or failing a practical driving test in Queensland.

To continue driving in Queensland after the restricted 3-month period, you must transfer your international license to a QLD license. Fortunately, this is a relatively straightforward process, and you can visit your closest Transport and Main Roads customer service centre or a Queensland Government license issuing centre to apply. For the most up-to-date information on transferring your overseas driver’s license to a QLD license, visit Naveen’s Driving School’s website.

If you want to drive with an international license in New South Wales (NSW), you need to determine your visa status. If you are just visiting NSW, you can drive on your current license, provided that it has not been suspended or disqualified, and you follow the NSW road rules. If you are a permanent Australian resident or hold a permanent visa under the Commonwealth Migration Act 1958 and intend to stay in NSW, you can drive in NSW on a current overseas license for a maximum of three months. After that, you need to convert your international license to an NSW license to continue driving or riding.

To complete the transfer, you need your proof of identity, a knowledge test (if applicable), a driving test (if applicable), a medical report (if applicable), and your overseas license (and a translation if not in English). Once you have the necessary documents, you need to visit a service centre and provide the information in person. For the most up-to-date information on transferring your overseas driver’s license in NSW, visit Naveen’s Driving School’s website.

If you are visiting South Australia, you can drive on the same type of vehicle as your current license allows, but you must drive according to any conditions on your overseas license. To drive in South Australia, you need either a current license issued in another country written in English, a current license with an English translation if necessary, or an international driver’s license. Drivers must carry their license documents at all times when driving and produce these and their passports to police on request. For the most up-to-date information on how to convert your international driver’s license in South Australia, visit Naveen’s Driving School’s website.

Visiting drivers are not required to have an ACT driver’s license in Canberra as long as their overseas license and international driving permit remains valid, and their tourist or visitor status remains unchanged. Overseas license holders must carry their foreign driver’s license written in English, or their international driving permit accompanied by their foreign driver’s license or their foreign driver’s license that is not in English accompanied by an official English translation of the license. Overseas holders of a full license moving to the ACT must obtain an ACT driver’s license within 3 months of living there. For more information on how to convert your international driver